There are five undergraduate majors in the School of Automation including Measuring and Control Technology and Instrumentations, Automation, Logistics System Engineering,Experimental Class for Automation and Experimental Engineer Class for Automation, with over 1300 undergraduate students and more than 1000 graduate students.

It has 5 engineering master and doctor degree programs (control theory and control engineering, detecting techniques and automation installation, system engineering, pattern identification and intelligent system, navigation, guidance and control), 1 science master and doctor degree programs (system analysis and integration). It is equipped with mobile postdoctoral research station of control science and engineering. The integrated personnel training system covering undergraduates, graduates, doctors, post-doctors has been formed. There are more than 1300 undergraduatesat present.

The School arranges one academic staff member for each undergraduate class as the academic advisor, who provide all-around guidance for students’ study, life and career planning.