With the development of HUST, School of Automation enjoys a high reputation in the fields of control, system engineering, pattern identification and system intelligence at home. It is also featured with distinct research characteristics and advantages in the field of aerospace intelligent information processing at home. Its scientific research mainly involves following fields, such as complex system control theories, decision-making analysis and decision support, power electronics and motion control, intelligent control and robots, integrated control of computers and network technology, information detection and identification, spacecraft control and condition monitoring, biological information processing, neuro-interface and rehabilitation technology, logistics system, national economy mobilization and public security, multispectral image guidance, multispectral information technologies of target detection, real-time processing and system integration technique of multispectral information technologies, artificial intelligent and thinking sciences, information security and so on.

     In recent ten years, the school has undertaken and accomplished more than 1300 scientific research projects of the nation and companies, with scientific research funds constantly increasing. It has successively won over 20 state-level awards, such as national progress prize in science and technology, and more than 20 provincial and ministerial-level prizes, such as natural science prize, science and technology process award and invention award. It also has obtained dozens of national patent for invention. Control science and engineering, the first-level discipline, was approved as the nation’s key program by Ministry of Education in 2007, ranking the seventh in the discipline ranking of the Ministry in 2012. The school has scientific research platforms, such as key lab of Ministry of Education of “image information processing and intelligent control”, national level key lab of “multispectral information processing technology” and “national economic mobilization simulation practice research center”.

The Department of automatic control, School of automation, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, is by the merger of the former Institute of control science and automation of department of control, Institute of control and information Technology and Institute of Intelligence and Control Engineering.
System Science and Engineering major of our university was established in 1978, being part of the first batch of system engineering units in China, and it set up the system engineering research institution in 1988, with Pro. Chen Ting being the founder of the discipline.
This department is derived from institute of image recognition and artificial intelligence and department of control science and engineering.
This department is called “aircraft navigation department” for short, formed by a merger of previous research institution of image identification and artificial intelligence and some personnel of department of control science and engineering.
This department was set up in 1970, with the automation instrument teaching and research section being its predecessor. It was renamed as research institution of observation and control technology and system.