The Department of automatic control, School of automation, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, is by the merger of the former Institute of control science and automation of department of control, Institute of control and information Technology and Institute of Intelligence and Control Engineering. The Department of Automatic control in the Huazhong College of Engineering in 1973 is the predecessor of it. Our department is one of the first batch of a master's degree and PhD degree that the Academic Degree Committee of the State Council approved, with the master and doctor degree granting rights, and having master degree, doctor degree of control theory and control engineering, and doctoral flow station of control science and engineering. Our department has a good reputation in domestic automation disciplines, and has cultivated a large number of high-level professional and technical people.

Members: Cheng Shanmei     Deng Zhonghua     Fang Huajing      Guan Zhihong      Hu Xiaoya     Huang Xinhan     Jiang Jianhua    Li Xi   Li Yesong     Peng Gang     Qin Yuanqing     Shen Anwen     Wang Mingzhe     Wang Yanwu     Xu Jinbang     Yin Quan     Zhang Haitao       Zhao Jin     Zheng Dingfu     Zhou Chunjie

Subject Directions

       This subject has been established for forty years. In the direction of national major demand and strategic goal, it locates in the basic researches in the control theory, control engineering theory and application, bases on the international research frontier, and  regards Industrial Process System, Robot System, Power Electronic System, Intelligent Transportation System, Biomedical Systems, New Energy System, Smart Grid and Internet of Things as main objects, with the goal of building a world-class automatic control innovative platform, and the duty of building the base of training and gathering high-level personnel, strives to build a scientific research institution of international influence. Through the efforts of several generations, especially the development of recent ten years, the Department has formed the following stable research directions:

●Complex System Theory: Complex Network and Multi-agent System Control Theory, Chaos and Bifurcation Theory, Grey System Theory;

●New Energy and Motion Control Technology: Fuel Cell Control, Power Electronic Power Conversion, Numerical Control, High-performance AC, Smart Grid;

●Robot and Intelligent Control Technology: Robotic System Structure and Intelligent Control, Multi-sensor Integration and Information Fusion, Machine Vision, Micro-operation Robot, Mobile Robot, Rehabilitation Assistive Robot;;

●Industrial Automation and Process Control Technology: Robust and Faulty Diagnosis, Model Predictive Control, Networked Industrial Control System and Embedded System, Internet of Things Control, Field Control System.

Academic Teams

       The department has a lot of high-class teachers and a high scientific and technological level, and has formed an academic team with old-middle-young combination and reasonable knowledge structure and age. There are 15 professors, 12 doctoral tutors, 8 associate professors, 7 lecturers. Thereinto, 1 Huazhong Leading Scholar, 1 National Young Talent, 1 winner for the National Science Fund of Distinguished Young Scholars, 5 Huazhong Distinguished Scholars with ‘ChenXing’ Position, 3 Outstanding Talents of Ministry of Education in the New Century. Now it has formed a innovative academic group with the leaders of Chang Jiang Scholars, ‘Huzhong’ Scholars and  Outstanding Talents of Ministry of Education in the New Century, and with the backbone of highly educated, high-level of young and middle-aged scholars . We have won 3 first prize of science and technology inprovincial and ministry level since 2014. Academic teams include:

Professor Zhihong Guan Team: Zhihong Guan, Yanwu Wang, Haitao Zhang, Jiangwen Xiao.

Professor Yesong Li Team: Yesong Li, Zhonghua Deng, Anwen Shen, Jin Zhao, Shanmei Cheng, Dingxin He, Xi Li, Quan Yin, Jinbang Xu, Hui Luo, Dingfu Zheng, Yang Liu.

Professor Huajing Fang Team: Jinghua Fang.

Professor Chunjie Zhou Team: Chunjie Zhou, Yuanqing Qin.