This department is called “aircraft navigation department” for short, formed by a merger of previous research institution of image identification and artificial intelligence and some personnel of department of control science and engineering. The establishment of the former was jointly approved by Ministry of Education and Ministry of Aviation in 1978. The institution which combined postgraduate teaching and scientific research, affiliated to HUST, set image identification and artificial intelligence as major research direction. During the thirty-year establishment, it always aimed at the national target of aerospace and information technologies, carrying out the research and development of application basis and technologies. It possesses distinct features and advantages in pattern identification and intelligent system at home and it enjoys a high reputation in the field of intelligent information processing of aerospace. It is equipped with the national key lab of multispectral information processing technologies. It also confers doctor and master degrees of “pattern identification and intelligent system” and “navigation, guidance and control” and it has mobile postdoctoral station of “control science and engineering”.The previous department of “control science and engineering” has a history of nearly 40 years, enjoying high prestige in control science and system science disciplines at home. It was equipped with “key lab of image information processing on the Ministry of Education” and “national economic mobilization simulation practice research center” etc. Control science and engineering, the first-level discipline, was approved as the nation’s key program by Ministry of Education in 2007, ranking the fifth in the discipline ranking of the Ministry in 2006 and the seventh in 2012. It has the mobile postdoctoral research station of “control science and engineering”. It has 5 engineering master and doctor degree programs, 1 science master and doctor degree programs, 3 Professional master's professional degrees including control engineering and 3 undergraduate majors including automation. Its scientific research mainly involve following fields, such as complex system control theories, decision-making analysis and decision support, power electronics and motion control, control and intelligent robots, integrated control of computers and network technology, information detection and identification, spacecraft control and condition monitoring, biological information processing.

Members: Fan Huijin     Ge Junfeng     Liu Lei     Li Yun     Sang Hongshi      Sang Nong     Wang Yongji     Wang Yuehuan    Ye Lin    

Yan Luxin     Yang Weidong     Zhong Sheng

Disciplinary Orientation

1. Pattern identification and precise guidance

2. Intelligent science and technologies

3. Detection of photoelectronic imaging of aircraft navigation and guidance

4. Path/ route planning of aircraft navigation and guidance

5. Control of aircraft guidance

6. Sensing and information acquisition

7. Navigation of aircraft

8. multispectral imaging and remote sensing image processing

9. Integrated circuit design

Major Working Fields

1. Pattern identification and intelligent system:computer vision and application, pattern identification and image analysis, image processing system and application, medical imaging and processing, information integrated circuit design;

2. Advanced detection of photoelectronic imaging: research, design and development of new type multispectral micro-nano photoelectric sensor chip and system;

3. Navigation, guidance and control: research, design and development of multispectral homing guidance, multispectral matching guidance, multispectral target detection and guidance information processing chip;

4. Aircraft guidance control: studies of spacecraft trajectory optimization and  optimal guidance law,  attitude control, aircraft fault detection and fault-tolerant control methods;

5. Stochastic nonlinear system control: stochastic non-linear system, multidimensional system control theory, analysis and design of aircraft control system.

Academic Team

       This discipline has formed an academic team with high academic prestige, excellent research levels, a reasonable structure combining of old, middle-aged and young. At present, there are 6 professors and doctor supervisors and 6 associated professors. 1 personnel is elected as New Century Talent Supporting Project. Many relatively stable academic teams have been formed, including the team of Pro. Zhang Tianxu, the team of Pro. Wang Yongji and the team of Pro. Ye Lin.

Scientific Research

       Pattern identification and intelligent system and navigation, guidance and control are two basic disciplines. So far this department has undertaken more than 100 projects of the nation, national defense and sectors based on previous subjects. Since 2001, it has won many rewards for scientific research of provincial level or above. For example, being a research unit, it won 1 grand prize of National Prize for Science and Technology in 2008. It won 1 second prize of National Prize for Science and Technology and 1 first prize of National Defense Prize for Science and Technology.  In 2007, it won Special Contribution Award of developing X key model in high-tech project, 1 first prize of Science and Technology Progress Award by Ministry of Education and 1 second prize of Invention Award in Hubei province. In 2006, it won 1 second prize of National Defense Prize for Science and Technology, 2 third prize of National Defense Prize for Science and Technology and 1 second prize of Surveying and Mapping Science and Technology Progress Award. In 2005, it won 1 second prize of National Defense Prize for Science and Technology. Hundreds of academic papers have been published in crucial academic journals and international conferences at home and abroad, such as IEEE Trans. IP, IEEE Trans.SP, IEEE Trans. AC, Automatica, Pattern identification, Opt. Eng, PR Letters, OL etc.  Two treatise have come out and more than 50 patents have approved. In recent five years, the total volume of scientific research funds has been over 80 million yuan, covering 973 Project, key foundation of National Natural Science, Youth Fund Project, 863 Project, major national special projects, key pre-research and fund of national defense, National Sci-tech Support Plan, projects of scientific research of provincial and ministerial-level, large-scale projects, projects of scientific research cooperation with companies.