In the School of Automation, there are 126 full-time academic staff members, including 42 professors and 46 associate professors . Among all the academic staff members, there are 4  people  selected by The Recruitment Program of Global Experts, 2 Distinguished Professor of "Cheung Kong Scholars Program",2 recipients of National Outstanding Youth Science Award, 1 recipients of National Excellent Youth Science Award, 1 people  selected by the Top-notch Personnel of Organization Department  ,  2 people selected by Young overseas high-level talents introduction plan, 11 winners of New Century Excellent Talent Plan of Ministry of Education and 15 Huazhong scholars.    


Associate Professors


Name Title Phone E-mail
An Le Associate Professor 86-27-87558918
Chen Zhong Associate Professor 86-27-87557746
Chen Xi Associate Professor 86-27-87540210
Chen Shanmei Professor 86-27-87557569
Chen Yang Lecturer 027-87543630
Cai Chao Associate Professor 86-27-87544512
Cheng Jingjing lecturer 86-27-87559713
Cao Zhiguo Professor 86-27-87558918
Chen Zhihua Associate Professor 86-27-87543563
Deng Zhonghua Professor 86-27-87557273
Fan Huijin Professor 86-27-87543130
Fang Huajing Professor 86-27-87547534
Guan Zhihong Professor +86-27-8754 3130
Ge Junfeng Associate Professor 86-27-87556579
Gao Changxin Lecturer 86-27-87543576
Guan Zhihong Professor +86-27-8754 3130
Huang Jian Professor 027-87558472
Hong Liu Associate Professor 86-27-87559490-808
Hu Ruolan Associate Professor 86-27-87543576
Hu Hanping Professor 86-15307149868
Hu Xiaoya Professor 86-27-87481240
Huang Xinhan Professor 027-87556245
Hu Jing Associate professor 027-87541761
Han Shoudong Associate Professor 86-027-87543630
Jiang Jianhua Lecturer 86-27-87557273
Jiang Jun Associate Professor 86-27-87543576
Li Yun Lecturer 027-87541761
Li Xi Professor 86-27-87557273
Li Wei Associate Professor 86-18971142368
Liu Zhenyuan Associate Professor 086-27-87559490
Liu Wenzhong Professor 86-27-87559423
Liu Jianguo Professor 027-87558912
Li Yesong Professor 86-27-87557273
Liu Lei Associate Professor 86-27-87793942
Liu Qingshan Professor 027-87543630
Ma Jie Professor 027-87556301
Ouyang Min Associate Professor 027-87559490-807
Pan Linqiang Professor 86-27-87556070;
Peng Gang Associate Professor 027-87556242
Qin Yuanqing Lecturer 86-27-87558001
Qi Chao Associate Professor 86-27-87559490 *809
Sang Nong Professor 86-27-87558915
Shen Anwen Professor 86-27-87541547
Su Housheng Professor 86-27-87540210-801
Shi Xiaolong Associate Professor 86-27-87551105
Shen Yindong Professor 86-27-87540055
Sang HongShi Associate Professor 86-27-87543081
Tao Wenbing Professor 86-27-87543594
Tan Shan Professor N/A
Tan Yihua Associate Professor 86-27-87556301
Tian Jinwen Professor 86-27-87556302
Wang Xiaoping Professor 86-27-87543130
Wang Yongji Professor 86-27-87793942
Wang Yanwu Professor N/A
Wen Shiping Associate Professor 027-87543630
Wang YueHuan Professor 86-27-87558913
Wu Dongrui Professor N/A
Wang Jian Associate Professor 86-27-87540210-806
Wang Mingzhe Professor 027-87543530
Xu Qi Associate Professor 86-27-87557284
Xu Jinbang Professor 86-27-87541547
Xiao Jiangwen Associate professor 87543630
Yan Luxin Associate Professor 86-27-87793014
Yang Weidong Associate Professor 086+027-87558913
Ye Lin Professor 87556579
Yin Quan Professor 86-2787543730
Zhou Jianlan Associate Professor 86-27-87540084;
Zhang Jun Associate Professor 86-27-87556301
Zhou Chengping Associate Professor 86-27-87544512
Zeng Zhigang Professor 027-87543630
Zhou Chunjie Professor 86-027-87558001
Zheng Dingfu Lecturer 86-27-87543730
Zhao Jin Professor 027-87543730
Zhang Haitao Professor 86-27-875584
Zhong Sheng Professor 86-27-87793014
Zhang Zheng Associate Professor 18062066555
Zhang pu Associate Professor 86-27-87559613
Zhou Hongtao Associate Professor 86-27-87550210-805
Zou Lamei Associate Professor 86-27-87541761
Zeng Wei Associate Professor 86-27-87559490-806
Zheng Ying Professor 86-27-87543430