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Phone: 86-27-87793942


Academic Areas: Control Theory and Application, Aircraft Flight Control, Advanced Mid-course Guidance, Trajectory Planning and Optimization, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Control

Research Interests:

Dr. Lei Liu is an associate professor of the Department of Navigation and Guidance, School of Automation. He is a member of National Key Laboratory of Science and Technology on Multispectral Information Processing.
Dr. Lei Liu's teaching and research interests are mainly in Control Theory. He has also taught various courses in Navigation, Guidance and Control of the Aircraft. His research has been focused on modern control methodology which is able to effectively deal with uncertainties of dynamic systems, and has desired for advanced control system applications such as aircraft flight control and mid-course guidance. Further, Dr. Lei Liu’s research work also includes trajectory planning and optimization of high speed cruising vehicle. The research interest focuses on direct collocation based nonlinear programming method, SQP, intelligent optimization method, etc. Moreover, some of the above methodologies and algorithms are implemented to the quad-rotor unmanned aerial vehicles for demonstration.

Academic Degrees

Sept. 1999-July 2003, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, B.S. in Automation
Sept. 2003-July 2005, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, M.S. in Control Theory and Control Engineering
Sept.2005-July 2009, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Ph.D. in Control Theory and Control Engineering

Professional Experience

Jan. 2016- present: Associate Professor, School of Automation, National Key Laboratory of Science and Technology on Multispectral Information Processing, HUST.
Jun. 2009 –Dec. 2015: Lecturer, School of Automation, HUST.
Octo. 2007-Octo. 2008, Loughborough University, Joint Educated Ph.D. in Computer Science.

Selected Publications

1. Liu, Lei, Dong, Shuai, Wang, Yongji, Ou, Liuli. Clearance of Flight Control Law Based on Structural Singular Value Theory, IEEE Transactions on Aerospace and Electronic Systems, 2015, 51(3): 2138-2147.
2. Liu, Lei, Yang, Shuang-Hua, Wang, Yongji, Meng, Qinggang. Home Service Robotics, MEASUREMENT & CONTROL, 2009, 42(1): 12-17.
3. Hou, Zhiwei, Liu, Lei, Wang, Yongji, Huang, Jian, Fan, Huijin. Terminal Impact Angle Constraint Guidance with Dual Sliding Surfaces and Model-Free Target Acceleration Estimator. IEEE transactions on control systems technology. (Accepted).
4. Lan, Xue-Jing, Liu, Lei, Wang, Yong-Ji. Online trajectory planning and guidance for reusable launch vehicles in the terminal area, Acta Astronautica, 2016, 118: 237-245.
5. Wang, Zhishen, Liu, Lei, Wang, Yongji, Zhao, Dangjun. A BMI Approach for H-2 Based Decomposition, International Journal of Control Automation and Systems, 2012, 10(3) : 470-480.
6. Zhang, Da, Liu, Lei, Wang, Yongji. On-line Ascent Phase Trajectory Optimal Guidance Algorithm based on Pseudo-spectral Method and Sensitivity Updates, Journal of Navigation, 2015, 68(6) : 1056-1074.
7. Ou, Liuli, Liu, Lei, Wang, Yongji, Huang, Jian. Observer-based robust control for a flexible launch vehicle, Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers Part I-Journal of Systems and Control Engineering, 2015, 229(6) : 506-516.
8. Liuli Ou, Lei Liu, Shuai Dong, Yongji Wang. Robust Stability Clearance of Flight Control Law Based on Global Sensitivity Analysis, Journal of Applied Mathematics, 2014.
9. Zhang, Da, Liu, Lei, Wang, Yongji, On-line reentry guidance algorithm with both path and no-fly zone constraints, Acta Astronautica, 2015, 117: 243-253.
10. Liu, Bing, Liu, Lei, Wang, Yongji, Fan, Huijin. Stabilization of nonlinear uncertain systems with stochastic actuator failures and time-varying delay, International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Control. (Online: DOI: 10.1002/rnc.3378)
11. Jian Huang, Jin Qian, Lei Liu, Yongji Wang, Songhyok Ri. Echo State Network based Predictive Control with Particle Swarm Optimization for Pneumatic Muscle Actuator. Journal of The Franklin Institute. (Accepted)
12. Lan XueJing, Wang YongJi, Liu Lei. Dynamic decoupling tracking control for the polytopic LPV model of hypersonic vehicle, Science China Information Sciences, 2015, 58(9): 1-14.
13. Zhao, Dang-Jun, Wang, Yong-Ji, Liu, Lei, Wang, Zhi-Shen, Robust Fault-Tolerant Control of Launch Vehicle Via GPI Observer and Integral Sliding Mode Control, ASIAN JOURNAL OF CONTROL, 2013, 15(2) : 614-623.
14. Deng, Z., Wang, Y., Liu, L., Zhu, Q., Guaranteed cost decoupling control of bank-to-turn vehicle, IET CONTROL THEORY AND APPLICATIONS, 2010, 4(9) : 1594-1604.

Awards and Honors

1. Third Prize of Teaching Competition of Young Teachers of HUST in 2012.

Courses Taught

For Undergraduates: 
The Principle of Automatic Control (Part II: Modern Control Theory)
For Graduates:
Navigation, Guidance and Control of the Aircraft


Current Research Projects:
1. Jan. 2013-Dec.2015: Doctoral Fund of Ministry of Education of China(Grant No. 20120142120091): “Modularized Modeling and Control for Strong Aerodynamic Coupled Hypersonic Aircraft”
2. Jan. 2015-Dec.2018: National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant NO. 61473124): “Research on Game based Control of High Dynamic Space Swarm Antagonism Movement”. (Second Responsible Person)

Finished Research Projects:
1. Jan. 2013-Dec.2015: National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant NO. 61203081): “Modularized Modeling and Robust Control for Attitude and Aerodynamic Coupled Hypersonic Aircraft”.
2. Jan. 2011-Dec.2012: National Natural Science Foundation of Hubei Province (Grand No. 2010CDB01904): “Fault-tolerant Control of Launch Vehicle with Multi-engines”.
3. June 2012-May 2015: Program for International S&T Cooperation Projects of China (Grand No. 2012DFG70640)“Precision manufacturing technology and equipment for metal parts”. (Second Responsible Person)

Patents and Software Copyright Registration
1. Chinese invention patent: A Jumping ballistic trajectory based reentry corridor prediction method for Reusable Launch Vehicle, ZL 2O1218007937.3, Dec. 2012.

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