Associate Professor

Phone: 86-27-87543081


Academic Areas: Digital Image Processing Algorithms, Embedded Real Time Image Processing System Design, Application Specific Integrated Circuit Design

Research Interests:

Hongshi Sang is a associate professor of the Department of Aircraft Navigation and Guidance, School of Automation. She is a member of National key laboratory of science and technology on multi-spectral information processing, and Image Processing & Artificial Intelligence Key Laboratory of Ministry of Education.
Professor Sang's research is focused primarily on digital image processing algorithms, embedded real time image processing system design, and application specific integrated circuit design. She has produced six kind of ASIC or SoC used for automatic object detection in digital image.

Academic Degrees

Sept. 1987-Jun 1991 Huazhong University of Science and Technology B.S. in Automatic Control Engineering
Sept. 1991-May 1994 Huazhong University of Science and Technology M.S. in Automatic Control Engineering
Sept.1999-Dec 2003 Huazhong University of Science and Technology Ph.D. in Pattern Recognition and artificial Intelligence

Professional Experience

Dec. 2012- present:  Associate Professor,  School of Automation,  HUST.
Jun. 2005- Dec. 2012:  Associate Professor,  Institute of Image Processing and Artificial Intelligence, now is included in School of Automation,  HUST.
Jun. 1994 –Jun.1999: Lecturer, Department of Electrical Engineering, HUST.

Selected Publications

[1]Efficient scene-based method for real-time non-uniformity correction of infrared video sequences,Chaobing Liang, Hongshi Sang and Xubang Shen, Electronics Letter,2014,8, Vol(50)12,868-869
[2]Ship detection in polarimetric SAR based on support vector machine,Xuwu Su, Guangyou Yang,Hongshi SangResearch Journal of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology,v 4, n 16, p 2844-2850, 2012
[3]H.L. Zhao, Y.B. Fan, T.X. Zhang and H.S. Sang, Stripe-based connected components labelling, ELECTRONICS LETTERS, October 2010, Vol. 46 No. 21,1434-1436
[4]Hua ZHANG, Hongshi SANG, Xubang SHEN, Adaptive Federated Kalman Filtering Attitude Estimation Algorithm for Double-FOV Star Sensor, Journal of Computational Information Systems, 6:10 (2010) 3201-3208

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