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Academic Areas: Sensing Technology

Research Interests:

Ye Lin is a professor of school of automation, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China. Professor Ye's research activities are taken in the following fields:
(1)aircraft ice sensor and detection information system based-on optic fiber sensing, and the ice sensor technology applications in monitoring systems for highway road icing, electrical power network line icing and wind power generator icing
(2)optical fiber liquid level sensor
(3)thermal emissivity measurement and non-contact temperature measurement technology and instrument system

He hosted and completed several National Science Fund Projects, and lots of projects entrusted by other institutions. His researches of aircraft ice sensor and detection information system have been applied in aircraft engineering.

Academic Degrees

Sept. 1978---July 1982,former Huazhong Institute of Technology, B.S. in Automatic Instrumentation
Sept. 1985---June 1988,former Huazhong Institute of Technology, M.S. in Measurement Technology and Instrumentation

Professional Experience

Dec. 2004---present: Professor, School of Automation, HUST
Jan. 1996---Nov. 2004: Associate professor, Department of Automatic Control, HUST
Jun. 1988---Dec. 1995: Lecturer, Department of Automatic Control, HUST
Jul. 1982---Jun. 1988: Assistant professor, Department of Automatic Control, HUST

Selected Publications

1.YE Lin, ZHOU Hong, ZHANG Hong, ZHANG Jie. Measurement Methods for the Phase Shift Detection and their Accuracy Analysis [J].Electrical Measurement and Instrumentation, 2006, 43(4): 11-14.
2.YE Lin, HUANG Qin, ZHANG Hong, ZHANG Jie. Image Method for Ice Sensor Calibration [J]. Instrument Technique and Sensor, 2006 (11): 36-37.
3.YE Lin, LI Ling, ZHANG Hong, ZHANG Jie. New Type Vehicle-borne Image Recorder [J]. Instrument Technique and Sensor, 2005 (10): 11-12.
4.Ge J, Ye L, Zou J. A novel fiber-optic ice sensor capable of identifying ice type accurately [J]. Sensors and Actuators A: Physical, 2012, 175: 35-42.
5.Zou J, Ye L, Ge J, et al. Novel fiber optic sensor for ice type detection [J]. Measurement, 2013, 46(2): 881-886.
6.Zhao C R, Ye L, Ge J F, et al. A side-coupled optical-fiber liquid level sensor[C].Applied Mechanics and Materials. 2012, 128: 487-490.
7.Zhang Z, Zhang J, Ye L, et al. Research on the application of neural network in diaphragm icing sensor fault diagnosis [M]//Advances in Neural Networks–ISNN 2009. Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2009: 589-600.
8.Li Wei, Zhang Jie, Ye Lin, Li Changxi. Modelling and experimental study on the Fiber-optic ice sensor [C]. In: 2009 International Conference on Information and Automation, Zhuhai, Macau, China, 2009: 1298-1301.
9.Li Wei, Zhang Hong, Ye Lin, Zheng Ying. Fiber-optic ice detection system for airplane application [C]. In: 2009 International Workshop on Intelligent Systems and Applications, Wuhan, China, 2009: 1-4.
10.Li Wei, Zhang Jie, Zheng Ying, Ye Lin. Enlargement of measurement range in a fiber-optic Ice sensor by artificial neural network [C]. In: Proceedings 6th International Symposium on Neural Networks, Wuhan, China, 2009: 929-936.
11.Li Wei, Zhang Jie, Ye Lin, Zhang Hong. A fiber-optic solution to aircraft icing detection and measurement problem [C]. In: Proceedings 2009 International Conference on Information Technology and Computer Science, Kiev, Ukraine, 2009: 357-360.
12.Xu Yuan, Yu Xun, Zou Jianhong, Ye Lin, Ge Junfeng. Alarm device design of empennage icing [C]. In: International Conference on Computer and Information Science, Safety Engineering, Wuhan, China, 2012: 20-23.
13.ZHANG Zhen, YE Lin, WU Xianglin. Research of Active Infrared Ice Type Classification Based on Neural Networks [J]. Automation and Instrumentation, 2010, 25(2).

Awards and Honors

1.Third Prize of Aviation Science and Technology Award, 2012: Research on flight icing protection technology based on optical fiber icing detector and its application.
2.Third Prize Awarded by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology,2014: Multiple-point and in-situ Measurement Technology for the Aero-engine Surface Emissivity

Courses Taught

For Undergraduates: 
Process Control Instrument 
Professional English in Automation
Measurement Technology
Microprocessor-Based Instrumentation
Fundamentals of Analog Electronics (in English)
Fundamentals of Instrument Reliability Engineering


Current Research Projects:
1. Jan.2012-Dec.2014 Research on image detection technology of super cooled water droplets
2.2012-2013 Research and application of fiber optic fuel level continuous measurement and sensing technology
3.2012-2014 Research of infrared emissivity measurement
4.2011-2013 Development of optical fiber ice sensor system
5.2010-2012 Research on the technology of non-contact temperature measurement for turbine disc

Finished Research Projects:
1.2010-2012: Technology of unsteady radiative transfer parameters measurement
2.2008-2010: Research on optical fiber ice detector and the control system of anti-ice and de-ice
3.2010-2011 the airfoil diaphragm icing detector
4.2009-2010 Online multi-point detection of engine surface emissivity
5.2010-2012 Research on icing detection technology based on pattern recognition

Patents and Software Copyright Registration
1.Chinese invention patent: An optical fiber ice sensor. CN 202075225 U, December,2011.
2.Chinese invention patent: An apparatus for detecting ice thickness, CN 202947691 U, May 2013
3.Chinese invention patent: Image Icing detection method, CN 102313512 B, Aug 2013
4.Chinese invention patent: Icing detector probe and icing detector including the probe, CN 102336272 B, January 2015
5.American invention patent: Icing detector probe and icing detector including the probe, US 9079669 B2, July 2015

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