Phone: 86-27-87558001

Email: qinyuanqing@mail.hust.edu.cn

Academic Areas: Networked control systems, cybersecurity in industrial control systems, wireless sensor networks, machine vision, embedded systems

Research Interests:

Qin Yuanqing is a lecturer in the Department of automatic control, School of Automation, Huazhong University of Science and Technology(HUST). He is a member of MOE Key Laboratory of Image Processing and Intelligence Control.
Dr. Qin's research is focused primarily on the communication networks in industrol control systems. Specific initiatives that he has pursued include: designing adaptive self-orgnizing communication protocols that meet the special requirement of industrial control systems, assessing the cybersecurity risk and designing security control stretigies to protect the indusrial control systems from cyber attacks. His another research interest is wireless sensor networks, including smart node design, protocol design, localization algorithm and application of WSN etc.

Academic Degrees

Sept. 1996-July 2000 ShanDong University of Technology B.S. in Applied Electronics
Sept. 2000-Dec. 2007 Huazhong University of Science and Technology M.S. and Ph.D in Control Science and Engineering

Professional Experience

Sep. 2005- present: Lecturer, School of Automation, HUST
Jul. 2011 –Jun. 2012:Academic visitor, Computer Science Department, Loughborough University, UK. Host: Professor Yang Shuang-H

Selected Publications

1. Yuanqing Qin,Fang Wang,Chunjie Zhou. A Distributed UWB-based Localization System in Underground Mines,Journal of Networks,2015,10(3):134-140
2 Yuan-qing Qin, Ying-Jie Cheng, Chun-jie Zhou. A survey of real-time industrial wireless LAN research. Applied Machanics and Materials, 2015, 738: 1105-1110.
3 Yuanqing Qin, Fang Wang, Chunjie Zhou, Shuang-Hua Yang, A Distributed Particle Swarm Optimzation Based Localization Scheme in Underground Tunnels. IET International Wireless Sensor Systems Conference, 18-19 June 2012, RIBA, London, United Kingdom
4 Yuanqing Qin, Chunjie Zhou, Shuang-Hua Yang, Fang Wang. A Distributed Newton Iteration Based Localization Scheme in Underground Tunnels. 2012 UKACC International Conference on Control, 3-5 September 2012, Cardiff, United Kindom, 851-856
5 Shuang Huang,Chunjie Zhou,Naixue Xiong,Shuang-Hua Yang,Yuanqing Qin*, Qi Zhang. A General Real-time Control Approach of Intrusion Response for Industrial Automation Systems. IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, Cybernetics-Systems.
6 Qi Zhang,Chunjie Zhou,Naixue Xiong, Yuanqing Qin*, Xuan Li, Shuang Huang. Multimodel-based Incident Prediction and Risk Assessment in Dynamic Cybersecurity Protection for Industrial Control Systems. IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man Cybernetics-Systems.

Awards and Honors

1 Second Prize of “Teaching Competetion for Young Teacher” in HUST in 2010.
2 Second Prize of “Excellent Teaching Quality Award” of HUST in 2008, 2014 respectively.

Courses Taught

For Undergraduates: 
Control Theory (part one, part two)
Process Control
For Graduates:
Networked Control Systems and Its Application

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