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Academic Areas: Image understanding and analysis, Depth information extraction, 3d video processing, Motion detection, Human action analysis

Research Interests:

Zhiguo Cao is a professor of the Department of Intelligence Science and Technology, School of Automation, Huazhong University of Science and Technology. He has served as the Dean of School of Automation, HUST, since 2013.

Professor Cao's research interest involves image understanding and analysis, depth information extraction, 3d video processing, motion detection and human action analysis. During his whole career life, he focuses on designing the practical computer vision system to balance the theoretical research and engineering applications. A number of his research achievements have been successfully applied to the industrial fields. The outstanding exemplar is the "Chang E III" lunar lander. In particular, Professor Cao and his team devoted the essential contributions to constructing the accurate soft landing component for the system. Meanwhile, he also addresses the efforts to boost the cutting-edge inter-discipline research among computer vision, machine learning, agriculture, meteorology and medicine.

Academic Degrees

Sept. 1981 – July. 1985, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, B. S. in Electronic Engineering

Sept. 1987 – Apr. 1990, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, M. S. in Telecommunication and Electronic system

Sept. 1996 – Dec. 2001, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Ph. D. in Pattern Recognition and Intelligent System

Professional Experience

Mar. 2013 – Present: Professor, Dean, School of Automation, National Key Laboratory of Science and Technology on Multi-spectral Information Processing, Huazhong University of Science and Technology

May 2004 – Fed. 2013: Professor, Institute of Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence, Huazhong University of Science and Technology

May 1998 – Apr. 2004: Associate Professor, Institute of Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence, Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Jan. 1995 – Apr. 1998: Assistant Professor, Institute of Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence, Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Apr. 1990 – Dec. 1994: Assistant Professor, Department of Electronic and Information Engineering, Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Jul. 1985 – Aug. 1987: Assistant Engineer, Design Institute of Wuhan Telecommunication Factory

Selected Publications


[1] Hao Lu, Zhiguo Cao,Yang  Xiao,Zhiwen Fang, Yanjun Zhu, “Towards fine-grained maize tassel flowering status recognition: dataset, theory and practice”,Applied Soft Computing, ISSN:1568-4946,Accepted

[2] Jiaqi Yang , Qian Zhang , Ke Xian , Yang Xiao , Zhiguo Cao*, “Rotational contour signatures for both real-valued and binary feature representations of 3D local shape”,Computer Vision and Image UnderstandingISSN:1077-3142,Accepted, DOI: 10.1016/j.cviu.2017.02.004,

[3] Jiaqi Yang, PR “Two-dimensional subspace alignment for convolutional activations adaptation”, Pattern Recognition, ISSN:0031-3203, Accepted

[4] Hao Lu, Zhiguo Cao*, Yang Xiao, Zhiwen Fang, and Yanjun Zhu,“Towards Good Practices for Fine-Grained Maize Cultivar Identification With Filter-Specific Convolutional Activations”,IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON AUTOMATION SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING,ISSN:1545-5955,Accepted,DOI: 10.1109/TASE.2016.2616485

[5] Jiaqi Yang, Qian Zhang, Yang Xiao, Zhiguo Cao*,“TOLDI: An effective and robust approach for 3D local shape description”,Pattern Recognition,Vol.65: 175-187, May.2017. ISSN:0031-3203 , DOI: 10.1016/j.patcog.2016.11.019

[6] Zhiwen Fang, Zhiguo Cao, Yang Xiao, Hao Lu,“Refine BING using effective cascade ranking”,Applied Soft Computing,Vol.52: 487--500, Mar.2017. ISSN: 1568-4946,DOI: 10.1016/j.asoc.2016.10.019

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Awards and Honors

Nine of his projects have received provincial or ministerial level awards of Science and Technology Progress in China since 1997.

Courses Taught

For Undergraduates: Pattern Recognition

For Graduates: Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition Theory


Current Research Project:

[1] Jan. 2015 – Dec. 2017: the National High-tech R&D Program of China (863 Program) (Grant No. 2015AA015904): “3D Video Viewpoint Synthesis and Display System based on Light Field”.


[2] Jan. 2016 – Dec. 2020: the Fundamental Research for Application of Guangdong Province (Grant No. 2014ZT05G304): “Multi-source Environment Sensing and Intelligent Control for Autonomous USV”.


[3] Jan. 2016 – Dec. 2018: the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No. 61502187): “RGB-D Human Activity Recognition using Deep Feature Learning”.


[4] Jan. 2016 – Dec. 2017: The Enterprise Funded Project: “Real-time Object detection and Tracking for the Complex Scene”.


[5] Jan. 2016 – May. 2017: The Enterprise Funded Project: “Weakly Supervised Feature Learning for Object Detection”.


Patents and Software Copyright Registration:


[1] Chinese invention patent: An Autonomous Rice Ear Stage Detection Method, ZL 201210061671.X, May 2014.


[2] Chinese invention patent: An Autonomous Cotton Three True Leaves Stage Detection Method, ZL 201210080445.6, March 2014.


[3] Chinese invention patent: An Autonomous Wheat Emergence Stage Detection Method, ZL 201210075979.X, March 2014.


[4] Chinese invention patent: An Autonomous Rice Milky Stage Detection Method, ZL 201210061645.7, February 2013.


[5] Chinese invention patent: An Autonomous Corn Three and Seven Leaves Stage Detection Method, ZL 201110162626.9, September 2013.


[6] Chinese invention patent: An Image Processing based Raindrop Status Recognition Method, ZL 201110192029.0, May 2013.


[7] Chinese invention patent: An Image Processing based Ground Status Recognition Method, ZL 201110175608.4, October 2012.


[8] Chinese invention patent: An Autonomous Frost Detection Method, ZL 201010592481.1, September 2012.


[9] Chinese invention patent: An Autonomous Dew Detection Method, ZL 201010592443.6, August 2012.


[10] Chinese invention patent: An Raindrop Recognition Method, ZL 201010145824.X, May 2012.


[11] Chinese Software Copyright Registration: Scene Classification Software, No 2007SR03723.


[12] Chinese Software Copyright Registration: Airplane Recognition Software, No 2006SR03014.


[13] Chinese Software Copyright Registration: Autonomous Airport Recognition Software, No 2006SR02678.

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