Fang Huajing


Phone: 86-27-87547534


Academic Areas: Networked Control Systems, Fault diagnosis and fault tolerant control

Research Interests:


Huajing Fang has been working as a professor since 1994 at School of Automation, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China. He is the vice-chair of the Technical Committee on Fault Detection, Supervision and Safety of Technical Processes, and the member of the Technical Committee on Control Theory, Chinese Association of Automation. His research interests include networked control system, fault diagnosis and fault tolerant control of dynamic system etc..

Academic Degrees

Feb. 1978-Feb 1982 Huazhong University of Science and Technology B.S. in Control Science and Engineering

Feb. 1982-Jun. 1984  Huazhong University of Science and Technology M.S. in Control Science and Engineering

Sept.1988-Jun. 1991 Huazhong University of Science and Technology Ph.D. in Control Science and Engineering

Professional Experience


Selected Publications

[01] Zhaoxu Chen, Huajing Fang, and Yang Chang,Weighted Data-Driven Fault Detection and Isolation: A Subspace-Based Approach and Algorithms,IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS,MAY 2016,63(5) , 3290 – 3298,DOI 10.1109/TIE.2016.2535109, ISSN :0278-0046

[02] Xiu-juan Zheng,Hua-jing Fang. “Recursive state estimation for nonlinear systems with event-triggered data transmission, norm-bounded uncertainties and multiple missing measurements”,International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Control,2016, DOI: 10.1002/rnc.3527.

[03] Shaoying Wang, Huajing Fang, Xuegang Tian, Minimum variance estimation for linear uncertain systems with one-step correlated noises and incomplete measurements,  Digital Signal Processing, Volume 49, February 2016, Pages 126–136

[04] Shaoying Wang, Huajing Fang and Xuegang Tian, Recursive estimation for nonlinear stochastic systems with multi-step transmission delays, multiple packet dropouts and correlated noises. Signal Processing, 2015, 115(2015), 164–175.

[05] Zefang Li, Huajing Fang, Ming Huang, Diversified learning for continuous hidden Markov models with application to fault diagnosis, Expert Systems With Applications, 2015, 42(2015),9165–9173.

[06] Xiujuan Zheng and Huajing Fang, An integrated unscented kalman filter and relevance vector regression approach for lithium-ion battery remaining useful life and short-term capacity prediction, Reliability Engineering and System Safety, 2015, 144(2015),74-82.

[07] Shaoying Wang, Huajing Fang, Xiaoyong Liu, Distributed state estimation for stochastic non-linear systems with random delays and packet dropouts, IET Control Theory & Applications, v 9, n 18, p 2657-65, 10 Dec. 2015

[08] Bo Ding and Huajing Fang (2015): Multi-faults detection and estimation for nonlinear stochastic system based on particle filter and hypothesis test, International Journal of Systems Science, DOI: 10.1080/00207721.2015.1126381,Published online: 28 Dec 2015

[09] Jiang, Shun、*Fang, Huajing,Quantized stabilization of discrete-time systems in a networked environment,Applied Mathematical Modelling, 38(5–6), pp 1685-1697, 2014/3/1.

[10] Li, Zefang、Fang, Huajing、Xia, Lisha,Increasing mapping based hidden Markov model for dynamic process monitoring and diagnosis,Expert Systems with Applications, 41(2), pp 744-751, 2014/2/1.

Awards and Honors

[1] Excellent Teaching education, management education and service education Award of HUST in 2013 ( 2013 年度“三育人奖”)

[2] Excellent Teaching Morality Award of HUST in 2005  (2005年度师德先进个人奖)

[3] Excellent Proposal Award of Hubei Province Committee of CPPCC in 2004  (湖北省政协2004年优秀提案奖)

Courses Taught

For Undergraduates:

[1] Automatic Control Theory

For Graduates:

[1] Fundamentals of Robust Control Theory

[2] Introduction to Networked Control System


Current Research Projects:

[1] Jan. 2015 – Dec.2018: National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant NO. 61473127 )  ”Fault Prognostics  for Networked Dynamic Systems”

Finished Research Projects:

[1] Jan. 2011 – Dec.2014: National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant NO. 61034006 )  ” Data Driven Fault Prognostics and Health Management for Complex Engineering Systems”

[2] Jan. 2009 – Dec.2011: National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant NO. 60874053 )  ” Fault Diagnosis and Safety of Complex Networked Control Systems”

[3] Jan. 2006 – Dec.2008: National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant NO. 60574088 )  ” Scalable Coordinated Control for Networked Swarm Systems”

[4] Jan. 2003 – Dec.2005: National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant NO. 60274014 )  ” Fault Diagnosis and Fault-tolerant Control for Networked Control Systems”

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