Shen Anwen


Phone: 86-27-87541547


Academic Areas: Power Electronics and Motion Control

Research Interests:


Shen Anwen is a professor of the Department of Automatic Control, School of Automation. He is an Associate Dean of the School. Professor Shen’s research is focused on the AC Servo system, Motor control, Electric Vehicle drive,Robotics and Networked control.

Academic Degrees

1994.9-1997.10  Studied for Ph.D degree of Electric Engineering at Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST)
1991.9-1994.3   Studied for Master degree of Electric Engineering at Zhejiang University
1987.9-1991.6   Studied for Bachelor degree of Electric Automation Engineering at Zhejiang University

Professional Experience

2005.11-now     Worked as a Professor at HUST.
2000.01-2005.10  Worked as an Associate Professor at HUST.
1997.12-1999.12  Worked as a Post-doctor at the Department of Electronics and Information Engineering , HUST.

Selected Publications

[1]H.Yu, A. Shen, Y. Su. CONTINUOUS MOTION PLANNING IN COMPLEX AND DYNAMIC UNDERWATER ENVIRONMENTS, International Journal of Robotics and Automation, 2015,30(2): 192-204.
[2]X. Luo, A. Shen,A Double Bi-Quad Filter with Wide-Band Resonance Suppression for Servo Systems. JOURNAL OF POWER ELECTRONICS.2015,15(5): 1409-1420,2015
[3]J. Xu, J. Yang, J. Ye, Z. Zhang, A. Shen*, An LTCL Filter for Three-Phase Grid-Connected Converters, IEEE Trans. on Power Electronics,2014.8(29):4322-4338.
[4]Q. Zhang, R. Min, Q.L. Tong, X.C. Zou, Z.L. Liu and A.W Shen. Sensorless Predictive Current Controlled DC-DC Converter with a Self-Correction Differential Current Observer. IEEE Trans. on Industrial Electronics, 2014, 61(12): 6747-6757.
[5]J. Xu, W. Wang, A. Shen*, Y. Zhou, Detection and reduction of middle frequency resonance for an industrial servo, Control Engineering Practice, 7(21), 899 - 907, 2013.
[6]Y. Zou, A.Shen, J. Xu*, Non-interactive automatic video segmentation of moving targets. Journal of Zhejiang University-SCIENCE C, 13(10), 736-749, 2012.
[7]Jinbang Xu,  Zhizhuo Wu, Anwen Shen, Junfeng Chen, Research of a self-tuning algorithm for industrial micro-grid power conversion, International Journal of Wireless and Mobile Computing, v 7, n 1, p 10-20, 2014.
[8]Xu, Jinbang, Yang, Jun,  Shen, Anwen,  Chen, Junfeng. A novel ANN-based harmonic extraction method tested with ESN, RNN and MLP in shunt active power filters. International Journal of Wireless and Mobile Computing, v 7, n 2, p 123-131, 2014

Awards and Honors

[1]The third prize for Progress in Science and Technology by Ministry of Education.1995.5
[2]The second state-level teaching award by Ministry of Education.2009.11
[3]The second prize for Progress in Science and Technology by Gansu Province.2012.2
[4]The second prize for Progress in Science and Technology by Lanzhou City. 2012.3
[5]The first prize for Progress in Science and Technology by Gansu Province.2014.2

Courses Taught

For Undergraduates:
Power Electronics,The princple and application of DSP
For Graduates:
The control theory and system designe of AC motors

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