On May 26, School of Automation holds a speech contest about one of studies on the theoretical and practical issues of party building— President Xi’s Speeches. Twelve party members make a speech centered on General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speeches and express their own understanding and determination about them. Pary Secretary of HUST Lu Gang takes part in the activity.

      Party members from teachers and students are mixed into one team for the competition. There are six teams altogether with each one appointing one teacher and one student to participate in the contest. The judges are all members of the party committee in the School of Automation. All party branch secretaries of the School, parts of party members from teachers and students are present to watch the contest.

       Focused on the series of important speeches by General Secretary Xi Jinping, the contestants combine their studies and researches to tell about their insight and gains. For example, the subjects of their speeches are as follows: “use hard study, the cultivation of merits, clear discrimination and sincerity to guide our ideals and youth”, cultivate correct values from young, be a good teacher with lofty ideals, moral integrity, education and a sense of discipline and everyone make some contributions to the society.

       Teacher Liu Lei, from the party branch of the Department of Aircraft Navigation and Guidance, mentions that teachers should have leaders’ qualities, sages’ feelings, the wise’s outlook and the benevolent mind and create future with education. Combining the progress and unity after the integration of the School of Automation, teacher Tan Yihua, from the party branch of the Department of Intelligence Science and Technology, tells university teachers how to forge ahead and be a contributor. Yang Jian, from the party branch of postgraduate in class three of 2015, explains the meaning that hopes in the heart provide strength for our life with lofty ideals, hard work and responsibility from heart. Huang Shitong, from the third party branch of undergraduate in 2012, interprets the honesty and sincerity as being man seriously and doing things earnestly…Twelve contestants’ speeches, impassioned and vivid, make the audience lost in thought and also draw their loud applause.

        In the closing remarks, Lu Gang presents the following five requirements on the work of teachers’ educating students. First, be a leader of students. Teachers are imitated and followed by students, so teachers should also be strict with themselves outside the classroom. Second, make students feel that they themselves are important so that they can be confident in study and have the ability to deal with life. Third, make students positive, respect their interest and hobbies, protect and develop their optimistic attitude, which is the key to overcoming difficulties and obtaining success. Fourth, cultivate students’ creativity. Teachers’ work object is person rather than knowledge, therefore the assessment on students need show individuality and promote their development. Fifth, judge value correctly. Apart from the impartment of knowledge, the education in school also includes the cultivation of their morality, behavior and personality and teachers should stress education of moral integrity outside the class and keep them strong in the spirit.

         The persons in charge of Propaganda Department of Party Committee take part in the contest.

         According to the education program issued by general office of the party central committee on party building studies and their concrete learning arrangement programs set by the school, it is known that the School, in line with its own conditions, responds actively and produces a monthly calendar about learning the party building studies in the form of cooperation among party branches, thus making a specific plan for learning activity each month around the year. The School has carried out the mobilization meeting and the activities of all party member studying party constitution and rules by themselves in accordance with the arrangement. The speech contest, a key event in May, aims to call on teacher and student party members to be armed with the spirit of series of important addresses delivered by General Secretary Xi Jinping to guide practice, promote work and be a qualified party member.