The morning of May 15 witnesses the third class song chorus and the competition of class clothing design of School of Automation in Yun Yuan Gymnasium. Twenty-four classes participate in the competition, who are from the undergraduates in 2014 and 2015. Judging the competition are deputy party secretary of School of Automation Kong Shu, class teacher Kong Li, Zhong Sheng, Wang Yuehuan, Zhang Pu, Fan Huijin, Wei Feng, Zhang Jun, Tan Yihua, Chen Yang, Zheng Dingfu and all counsellors.

        A heart-stirring song, Stubbornness, presented by class 1505 declares opening of the competition. Class 1404 chooses We're All In This Together. Its warm, lucid and lively rhythm, full of air of youth, shows young people’s energy. Class 1402, who are national defence students and major in measurement and control, presents us Battle Song in Strong Army. The sonorous, magnigicent melody and passionate singing voice soldier’s firm determination and lofty sentiments and aspirations, and the audience speak highly of it. Next, Class 1506 majoring in automation sings Light for the audience, bringing the atmosphere of whole competition to a climax. With sonorous singing, students in the class demonstrate their pursuit and longing for dreams and earn loud applause from the audience. At last, the competition comes to an end in warm and lively rehearsal sidelights of each class.

        It is learned that class song chorus competition and class clothing design competition, as featured activities in School of Automation to exhibit class features , have been held for three years. The activities help enhance cohesion among classes in the School, establish class sense of honor, improve exchanges between teachers and students, meanwhile, provide an opportunity for every student to show oneself.