I、Specialty: Control science and engineering

Specialty code: 0811

 Degree of Engineering 


a. Love the motherland , strictly observe laws, posse good characters and rigorous style of study, a strong sense of professionalism and dedication;

b. Have a solid theory foundation and systematic, in-depth professional knowledge, posses the ability to undertake independent scientific research, make creative achievements in science and technology;

c. Master at least a foreign language, proficiency in reading and understanding of relevant professional foreign literature and with writing academic papers and communicate in foreign language;

d. Physical and psychological health;


2.Mainly research directions:

  1. Intelligent control and robotics
  2. Complex systems theory and networked systems
  3. Motion control and process control                                      
  4. Information security and system security                                    

5. Measurement technology and automation 

6. Systems engineering and decision-making

7. Bio-information, control and computing

8. Public safety and emergency decision System

9. Logistics system integration and optimization

10. Pattern recognition and intelligent system

11. Aircraft navigation guidance and control

12. Multi-spectral imaging and processing


II. Systems analysis and integration

Specialty code: 071102

  Degree of Science



a. Love the motherland, support the leadership of the Communist Party of China, posses good professional ethics and moral characters, have a strong sense of professionalism and rigorous style of study.

b. Have a solid theory foundation and systematic professional knowledge, understand several disciplines application background; have the ability to undertake independent scientific research; make innovative achievements in the specialty field or expertise.

c. Grasp at least one foreign language and be proficient in professional reading and basic academic writing.

d. Physical and mental health.


2. Research directions:

   a. Methods and application of asymptotic theory of complex systems

   b. System modeling, simulation and optimization

   c. Conduct analysis and decision-making of socio-economic systems

   d. Intelligent control and information processing of memristive systems

   e. Bio-informatics and intelligent computing


III. Educational Duration 

The normative time for full-time PhD students is 3-5 years. The duration for MD-PhD and direct PhD is 4-6 years.


IV. Credits Requirement

Credits  for doctoral students with master's degree 29. Credits for MD-PhD and direct PhD is ≥ 53.


MD-PhD and direct PhD students

Common PhD students

Total credits



Courses credits

≥ 34 credits, (including credits for  high-level international courses≥6 credits)

Public compulsory course ≥ 9 credits:

  • Theory and practice of Chinese characteristics: 2 credits
  • Chinese Marxism: 2 credits
  • Dialectics of Nature (science/engineering/medical science)/Marxism and social scientific methodology (liberal arts): 1 credit
  • Foreign language for postgraduate students: 2 credits
  • English thesis writing: 2 credits

Optional public courses ≥ 1 credits

≥10 credits (including credits for  high-level international courses≥2 credits)

Public compulsory course≥ 4 credits:

  • Chinese Marxism: 2 credits
  • English thesis writing:2 credits



Discipline basic courses and professional courses ≥ 24 credits:

  • 1st-level discipline basic courses:8credits(compulsory)
  • 2nd-level discipline basic courses: 4 credits (restricted optional)
  • Professional courses for postgraduate students: 4 credits (optional)
  • Cross 1st-level disciple courses: 4 credits (optional)
  • Professional course for PhD students: 4 credits (optional)
  • Cross 1st-level disciple courses: 2 credits (optional)
  • Professional course for PhD:4 credits

Professional basic courses 2 credits; Elective course 2 credits

No credit for make-up courses and other optional courses, grades only.


≥19 credits

Literature review and thesis proposal: 1 credit

≥19 credits

Literature review and thesis proposal: 1 credit

Participation in international academic conferences or international academic conference held in China, and paper submission: 1 credit

Participation in international academic conferences or international academic conference held in China, and paper submission: 1 credit

Dissertation interim progress report: 1 credit

Dissertation interim progress report: 1 credit

Academic paper publication: 1 credit

Academic paper publication: 1 credit

Doctoral dissertation: 15 credits

Doctoral dissertation: 15 credits

Remark: Education plan for students with an equivalent education level is in accordance with the education plan for MD-PhD and direct PhD students. Courses exemption will be granted upon finding conformity with the course exemption provision.


V. Curriculum: See the " postgraduate course settings of School of Automation"


VI. Other specific requirements for PhD Candidates of Automation School

1. The education for PhD employs the tutor-responsible system, by establishing the tutor-headed instruction group. The group is responsible for the cultivation and assessment of the PhD candidates.

2. Restriction of cross1st-level discipline courses

(1). Cross 1st-level discipline courses refer to the other postgraduate courses not include control science and control engineering, systems analysis and integration ,information safety disciplines; Students must attend class and take the examination of the course. Public mathematics courses of Master's level cannot be counted as a 1st-level discipline courses.

(2). Cross 1st-level discipline courses selected should be different from the courses completed in the postgraduate phase.

3. Restriction of for PhD’s  professional course

PhD’s professional courses are an important link to cultivate the comprehensive ability and enter the forefront of the discipline.

The provisions of the professional courses for doctoral students are:

  1. .PhD must at least take a seat of a basic course in the research field, of which the research time accounted for more than 60% of the lectures hours , the course is 2 credits.
  2. . As for the rest of the course credits, PhD can attend the professional course which are offered by our department to obtain the corresponding credits; PhD can also choose other cross professional degree courses under the guidance of your instructors;

4. Scientific research practice

PhD must participate in at least 1 research projects.

In order to strengthen the comprehensive scientific research quality, PhD should involve in activities related with practice of research at the same time of carrying out their research work, such as research application, research concluding assessment, project identification etc.

5. Doctoral topic report shall contain the following information: the source and meaning of selected topics; research status and development trends at home and abroad; contents and technical schemes of the topics; expected creative results of theory and practice; the main reference documents.

6. Before writing doctoral dissertations,PhD should submit interim progress report, Progress, heard questioning and discussing amendments to doctoral steering group, after getting the adoption of the creative research results, can write papers.

7. PhD participate in at least one international academic conference held at home and abroad, and submit academic reports.

8. Academic papers and other research published by PhD, must meet the " the provisions of School of Automation, PhD publish papers to apply for a doctorate" requirement.